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Entry Fees

Entry fees are available to studios only, through our online registration system with Dance Era. Once your account is set-up and you log in, time limits and entry fees will be listed on the home page.

  • Past Customers:

    Please click on the link below and enter your email and password. (If you forgot your password, email us at info@headlinerscompetition.com and we will reset it for you.)

  • New Customers:

    Please Click here to be redirected to the online registration site. Then select "Create An Account". Once you have completed the process and receive a temporary password, you may log in to view the entry fees.

Headliners Online Registration

Provides 24/7 access to studios and independent entries. To register, Click here and log in to your account or go to "Create an Account" to start an account.

Note: Entires can be updated only prior to the event registration being closed or final payments being processed.

Entry Deadlines


Entries must be submitted online 28 days or more prior to the start of the first day of competition. Rebate deadline: 45 days prior. Exact dates for deadlines can be viewed on the 2016 Tour page.

National Championships:

Entries from regionals can be transferred through the online registration. For any entry updates, make sure to transfer entries prior to entering the updates.

Entry deadline: May 25, 2016.

Participation Agreement

The 2016 Partication Agreement is used to reserve your spot at one of our 2016 Regional events and is necessary to provide if you wish to be applicable for a rebate.

Download the 2016 Participation Agreement to get started.

Parental Waiver

Parental Waivers are generated by DanceEra at the completion of your registration. These forms include all dancers' names registered to compete and as such cannot be accessed prior to completion of registration.

If the waiver is not generated correctly or you would like to fill it out ahead of time, a generic PDF can be downloaded below and only requires dancers' names to be filled in.

Download the 2016 Parental Waiver here.


Studio rebates are available. Studio owners may contact Headliners to inquire about rebate policies.

Payment of Entry Fees

Once entries are submitted to Headliners, studios/dancers are liable for all entry fees due and agree to pay same. Entry fees can be paid by studio check, money order or by credit card and are due by the 28 day deadline. A 3% service fee will be assessed for all credit card payments.  (For rebates, see requirements above.)

Note: Studios must issue one check for all entries.

Entry Information

Dancers may enter as many categories as desired. Soloists are limited to three solos per regional event and cannot compete more than once in the same category and age division (they may not compete against themselves). In duo/trios, groups, and productions there must be 50% or less of the same students when competing in the same age group and category.

Late Entries

In order to guarantee placement into our competition, entries must be submitted online 28 days prior to each event.  Entries received after this deadline will be considered on a case-by-case basis and will be accepted only if time permits and if the schedule is not adversely affected.

All late entries are subject to a $25 late fee (per entry). A credit card will be required for processing (3% service fee will apply).

Changes to Entries

Changes to existing entries will be permitted up to 2 weeks prior to the competition or until the final schedule is completed. Please review your confirmations carefully. NO CHANGES/ADDITIONS WILL BE PERMITTED LESS THAN 10 DAYS PRIOR TO THE COMPETITION. Changes cannot be made once the evnt is closed or final payments have been processed.


Headliners does not have a set schedule. Schedules are formulated based on the number and type of entries received to best serve the majority of participants. Schedules are emailed approximately 10 days prior to each event.

Headliners is happy to try to accommodate scheduling requests (see below), however due to the number of requests received it is impossible to accommodate everyone. There are no refunds for conflicts that cannot be accommodated.

Headliners competitions will not begin before 8AM or end later than 10:30PM. For Friday events, competition will always begin after school hours.

Scheduling Requests

Scheduling requests must be included in the comment box upon registration. Once the schedule is created, no studio, teacher, or parent may request an entry to be re-scheduled. We highly recommend that studios be flexible and able to perform at any point during the competition weekend.

Entries that perform on a different day or do not perform prior to their respective awards session will be eligible for medal standing and special awards only. They will not be eligible for overall awards or titles.

We do our best to accommodate all requests. Please be realistic with requests and take into consideration that your request may conflict with others' and may not be able to be accommodated. There are no refunds for conflicts that cannot be accommodated.


Refunds will be issued only to dancers who become injured with a doctor’s note.

Independent Entries

Headliners is happy to accept dancers not afiliated with a studio. An additional fee of $10 per dancer will apply. Dancers with studio affiliation must have their entries submitted through their studio.

Returned Check/Denied Credit Card

There is a $25 charge for checks returned or credit cards denied.

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